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At Education Jobs and Recruitment, we provide both daily and long term supply teachers to fill teaching jobs in primary and secondary schools around the UK at the best possible daily rates. Education Jobs and RecruitmentThis is achieved by using the latest developments in information technology to match job seekers to teaching jobs offered by schools.

Our jobs search system is UK postcode based, you simply tell us where you are and what teaching jobs you're looking for and we will match you directly with jobs offered by schools.

Your CV will be available for searches by schools within your target area that are looking to fill supply vacancies or permanent jobs suitable for you. We will continually monitor the schools in your area and send your details to schools with jobs that match your desired job criteria.

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This increases the efficiency of service and reduces overheads and hence improves the costs to schools whilst maximizing the payment received by our supply teachers.

Unlike some agencies, our company is run by teachers for teachers and its primary aim is providing quality candidates to fill jobs at the best possible rates. We currently offer our supply teachers £145 per day while our charge to schools is £170 per day.

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